Email Marketing: Still Business’ Best Marketing Tool

Email Marketing: Still Business' Best Marketing Tool

Despite the growth of social media and texting, even in 2015, email marketing remains the most popular form of digital marketing for potential customers.

This fact is somewhat amazing given the fact that effectively email is to traditional mail as social media is to a phone call. Yet despite email being practically prehistoric in internet terms, it still dominates as a business marketing tool.

Advantages of Email Marketing

Email marketing remains popular, despite technological advances in online communication, because it is traditional. It combines various features that no other online communication method offers.

  • Unlimited Size – Unlike most chat programs or twitter, you can send messages of effectively unlimited size through email. This allows content marketing to be meaningful and useful, rather than simply presenting a link to click.
  • Non-intrusive – A tweet, chat message, or Facebook post is something that must be read now. An email simply appears and then can be read at leisure. Additionally, the sender of an email isn’t notified when the reader opens it, which is a level of privacy many customers appreciate.
  • Easily Saved – Another advantage of emails is that a customer can easily save it to read later. It isn’t uncommon for email marketing to spark an interest that is then explored at a later time. Most social media marketing can be saved, but not quite as conveniently.
  • Focused Marketing – This can’t be stressed enough. By using multiple email lists based on customer interests, businesses can target marketing sent via email. Targeted marketing is significantly more effective than non-targeted marketing and most social media platforms don’t offer convenient ways to target specific customers unobtrusively.

Using Email Marketing Effectively

Besides using focused marketing, the most important rule for effectively marketing with email is to create a good title. Simply getting customers to open the email (rather than delete it without reading) is more than half the work.

From there, good targeted content should get your customer to click on your landing page.

Using email for marketing doesn’t mean you should abandon social media marketing. Social media marketing is an ideal way for finding new customers. But for returning customers, you want to focus on high quality email marketing campaigns.


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