Why We’re All Getting Smarter Thanks to Content Marketing

Over the last several decades, advertising has evolved rapidly, changing briskly with the pace of technology. Print ads gave way to radio, which gave way to television. Today, most companies, especially small companies, focus virtually all of their money and energy on the most efficient strategy: digital marketing.

In addition to its ease of use, web-based advertising is far more diverse than traditional strategies. It has a much wider reach, spreading quickly with help from fans and followers. And, above all else, it’s educational.

The Objective in Traditional Advertising

While handled in different ways by difference companies, traditional approaches to advertising had one objective: to sell things. Early printed ads, radio spots, and TV ads often used any means necessary, ranging from lying about health benefits to playing on traditional gender roles to attract attention.

Without a database of easily accessible research material, it was easier to believe what was said in an advertisement, whether true or not. Today’s market, however, is more skeptical.

Instead of taking ads at face value, web users in the twenty-first century want to read, learn, explore, and make their own judgments without the influence of a Mad Men-style ad team.

Education in Content Marketing

With the rise in consumer skepticism, content marketing shines. Today’s consumers are smarter, seeking information about the industries, brands, and products that interest them, and are eager to find authoritative, compelling content that illustrates what they want to know. They do not want to be told what to buy, but rather want the information necessary to make informed purchase decisions independently.

Brands with the right approach to content marketing have a lot to gain in this arena, offering web users insight into unique features, industry news, and helpful tips and information that can be used in buying decisions.

By providing content your readers want to read that can enhance what you have to offer, you can bolster your marketing strategies and frame your company as the best possible resource.

Education is major benefit of content marketing, and one that is changing the ways in which consumers make decisions. With easy access to unlimited information on brand identity, product and service features, and general industry news, web users have the tools necessary to make informed decisions.

As this approach to marketing spreads, so does how content marketing is used, leading to further growth in an already explosive area. While no two content marketing strategies are exactly the same, there’s one truth that’s hard to ignore: educational content is only getting started.


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Rachel has spent her whole whole life writing. In addition to academic pursuits throughout her education, Rachel holds a Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in creative writing and a Master of Accounting. She excels in in business writing, including accounting, marketing, finance, investments, and taxation.

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