Do More with Less: How to Stretch Your Content Marketing Budget

Do More with Less: How to Stretch Your Content Marketing BudgetWhile many businesses recognize the importance of content in a comprehensive marketing strategy, most still struggle to make it worth their while.

In many cases, they’re not doing things wrong so much as they’re failing to take full advantage of the content that they produce.

If ROI is of any concern to your business, you need to boost the mileage that your content gets. Here are a few tips to ensure that this happens.

Repurpose Old Content

One of the easiest ways to get more from your content is to repurpose it. For instance, you could compile old blog posts into an e-book publication and offer it as a free download. Alternatively, it’s always a bright idea to dust off a popular evergreen article or video from yesteryear and update the information. Repurposing existing content helps businesses to squeeze extra value from content assets.

Find New Audiences

Try as we might, our content overtures aren’t always accepted in the manner that we’d like them to be. In some cases, the reason is that we’re barking up the wrong tree insofar as intended audience is concerned. If you don’t succeed the first time around with a particular article, infographic or video, try directing it at a new audience. You might be surprised at the results.

Catch the Crest of the Wave

Like it or not, timing is everything in the content marketing game. The best way to maximize the ROI of any content is to publish it as an event is trending online. A topic needs to hit a “critical mass” of awareness before it can attract serious clicks. Craft your content first and wait for interest in the subject matter to approach its peak.

Play Devil’s Advocate, Carefully

It’s widely understood that controversy is an easy way to attract attention. The problem with using controversy to promote your content is that public sentiment can quickly turn against you. Instead of being blatantly controversial, adopt an approach or viewpoint that gets people to look at things from a different angle. The idea is to spark conversation that’s constructive without being divisive and encourage sharing of your content.

Use UGC to Bulk Up Your Output

Finding the right way to incorporate user-generated content into your marketing mix can be trying. However, identifying the proper way to use UGC to bolster your content stream can massively increase ROI and be well worth it in the end. Try running a contest or sponsoring a crowdsourced project like a community Wiki hosted on your servers to illicit interactions with target demographics.

Eyes on the Prize

Today’s highly wired consumers expect a steady stream of fresh, thought-provoking content from brands at every level. Failure to deliver said content can mean losing clout and market share to competitors in your industry. To avoid this outcome without breaking the bank, learn to work smarter rather than harder. The tactics discussed above can help you to maximize the potential of any content creations you publish.


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