Cut the Clutter: Focusing Your Social Media Marketing

If there is one thing we’ve all learned from the the social media explosion of the last five years it’s that social media itself is ever changing.

The sites that get massively popular don’t always stay that way, and there are plenty of sites just waiting to take the places of the ones that start to wane .

When you are using social media to market your content, this can make it tempting to use every possible social media site available in order to do that marketing.

Saving Time by Focusing

In the past, using seven or eight social sites for that marketing was common advice to reach a wide audience. Now? More and more of the experts are cutting the fat and getting rid of some of the lesser sites in order to focus on one or two larger ones.

Instead of spending most of your time updating site after site and trying to build a following on all of them, the best advice today is to choose one or two sites and give those your attention.

With more attention paid to a few sites, you can better create a presence than if you dilute your marketing time with every site that comes along.

The Ultimate Goal

When you are marketing your content through social media, the social media itself shouldn’t be the focus of what you do. It’s only a carrier of your message. By simplifying and focusing your social media marketing,  you will keep it easier for people to find what it is that you’re actually marketing.

If someone were to search for what you do, would you want them to find pages of search engine results that are full of social media entries, or do you want them to find your website?

Building a Following

Building a following on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or another social media site that you’ve taken a liking to take time and effort. Diluting your marketing time by trying to build this following on many sites can lead to unfinished profiles and halfhearted communications with your followers.

But with social media focus, you can begin to cultivate real interest in what you post by communicating with other users and thoughtfully posting about your content. The effort you put into just a couple of sites can pay off long term as you drive traffic to your site indefinitely.


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Georgia is a full-time Web writer with a BA in journalism (2001). She has extensive experience writing Web content, Web copy, marketing materials, press releases, news articles and SEO pieces.

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