Crowd Content Partners with Outbrain to Send Targeted Traffic to Your Content

Content marketers can now send targeted traffic to the content they create at Crowd Content.

Today, Crowd Content announced a partnership with Outbrain, the Web’s leading content discovery platform. The partnership allows Crowd Content clients to create high quality content and then promote that content all from one easy to use platform.

“Creating awesome content that speaks to your audience is only one part of the process”, says Crowd Content’s Founder and CEO, Clayton Lainsbury. “We wanted to offer our clients an easy way to get their content in front of their target audience, and Outbrain provides that solution.”

A Single Platform to Create and Promote Quality Content

The advantage for content marketers is that they can now execute more of their content strategy from a single platform.

Crowd Content already provides a simple and intuitive interface that lets clients reach and manage a stable of freelance writers. The platform is also integrated with WordPress, HootSuite, and Shopify, allowing clients to automatically send and publish completed content to such destinations.

The Outbrain partnership adds another key angle to the ecosystem, letting users create, transfer, publish, and then promote the content they’ve created with Crowd Content.

Seamless Integration Makes Promoting Content Quick and Easy

The Outbrain promotion option will be included in a set of quick action buttons that are presented to users after a piece of content is completed.

Outbrain Screenshot for Launch

After clicking the option to “Promote via Outbrain”, clients enter campaign details into a simple form. The form captures key information like the content’s published URL, the client’s budget for the campaign, and how long the campaign should run for.

Client’s can also target by country. Selecting United States and Canada, for example, enables the content to only receive traffic from those countries.

Targeted Traffic from the Web’s Most Reputable Publishers

Wondering where the traffic comes from? Outbrain is working with some of the largest and most reputable publishers on the Internet.

Websites like CNN, Fox News, Hearst, and Fast Company have placed the Outbrain recommendation widget near their existing content. As visitors read the content at these sites, the widget shows them ads for the content being promoted through Outbrain.

The ads (usually an image and title) link back to the published content at the Crowd Content client’s website.

Essentially, these reputable publishers are “recommending” the client’s content to their readers.

Contact Us to Learn More

Existing clients can learn more by contacting their Client Account Manager. If you aren’t a Crowd Content client, send us an email or give us a call for more details.

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Crowd Content Media Inc.
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Clayton is the Founder and CEO at Crowd Content, a content marketplace for clients and high performance writers. He enjoys writing about marketing ideas and content trends.

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