Crowd Content at Content Marketing World 2015

Content Marketing World Crowd Content

Another year has passed and Content Marketing World (CMWorld) is just around the corner. If you aren’t familiar with CMWorld, it is a convention held in Cleveland, Ohio that is renowned as the largest content event in the world.

If past years are any indication, this convention truly lives up to its reputation, hosting an enormous array of speakers drawn from the cream of the crop of the blogging and content marketing world.

Engaging Research

Last year, our focus was an ongoing research project that help us to define quality content. Overwhelmingly, the results of this research were that quality content is “engaging.”

This year our focus has changed slightly, as our current research project is attempting to define “engaging” in terms of content marketing.

As part of this research, just as we did in 2014, we plan to engage (See what we did there?) in face-to-face research at CMWorld.

Anyone visiting booth 32 will be engaged in a conversation to discover their understanding of the word “engaging” in terms of quality content.

As a thank you to everyone helping our research, participants will be given a custom-designed t-shirt (shown below).

Content Marketing World Designer Tee

Sponsoring CMWorld

In addition to our continuing research, we are once again silver sponsors of Content Marketing World. This means we will be hosting the Barenaked Ladies concert on September 9th.

In your CMWorld event bag, you will find a VIP pass to this event. To activate your VIP pass, you should come by our booth in the exhibit hall (32) during the day on Sept 9th.

VIP will have free drinks, preferred seating and exclusive networking opportunities.

Barenaked Ladies CMWorld 2015
Image Credit: CMI

Storytelling Inspiration

We aren’t just hosting the Barenaked Ladies because we enjoy their powerful music (and we do enjoy it very much). We are also hosting them because they represent our mission in the content marketing world.

The Barenaked Ladies are consummate storytellers that have mastered the art of engaging their audience. They do on stage what content marketing writers struggle to do every day of their life.

Whether wisdom can be gleaned from their performance is something we have yet to discover, but we can all use this performance as inspiration and also simply as a way to unwind.

Stay Engaged, Stay in Touch

In closing, Content Marketing World 2015 is one week away. We’re looking forward to learning from, and interacting with, many of the legends of the industry. If you can make it, join us for a conversation and a free t-shirt.

Please join our online discussion of this topic and look forward in the upcoming weeks to reports of what we learned and what is new in the content marketing world.


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Mickey has degrees in linguistics and logic from a top 25 university. He has been writing online for the approximately five years, specializing in gaming, hobbies, and media. He has never missed a deadline. Quality and speed are equally important to Mickey and he'll never sacrifice one for the other.

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