Crafting a Mobile Content Marketing Strategy That Works

Crafting a Mobile Content Marketing Strategy That WorksIt’s impossible to deny that the mobile web is growing by leaps and bounds with each passing month. What’s less clear is the best course of action to take to capitalize on this trend.

Businesses that have invested years in a traditional content strategy aimed at PC users are particularly flummoxed by this shift.

Fortunately, it’s not that tough to modify an existing content marketing strategy to appeal to potential mobile consumers.

Know Your Audience

To get the most from your content marketing, you must understand the mobile browsing habits of your core audience.

For the most part, the typical web analytics rules apply when you’re analyzing visits to your mobile sites.

Look at how long visitors spend consuming different kinds of content and use that feedback to refine your approach. Perform a full mobile analytics audit at least once a week.

Make Use of Geotargeting

The most important thing that businesses need to understand about mobile marketing is that content impact depends greatly on geography.

Fortunately, search engines like Google already consider the location of the searcher when serving up content. You can boost the effectiveness of geotargeting through careful keyword optimization.

Use tools like Google Trends to find out what’s hot in general and localize your content with low-competition keywords.

Emphasize Visuals

It goes without saying that smartphones aren’t the best devices to use if you’re trying to peruse large quantities of text.

As such, mobile visitors will respond more positively to simpler graphics, maps and photographs. Liberally sprinkle visuals throughout your mobile content to boost its appeal.

Just be sure to optimize your images for mobile so that they’re easy to re-size and don’t bog down page load times.

Prioritize Brief Guides & How-Tos

Mobile users like bite-sized chunks of information that they can digest easily delivered directly to their devices of choice. Capitalize on this reality by crafting quick video tutorials that can be viewed in a minute or less.

This will reinforce your authority in the minds of potential customers and have a positive impact on overall SEO. Use current events and consumer trends to guide your topic selection.

Summarize Broader Posts

Many mobile users rely on apps like PocketInstapaper to bookmark content for later consumption.

When you’re publishing for mobile, make your posts general summaries of broader, more in-depth articles and videos and link to the full versions.

If even a fraction of your mobile visitors actually hit up your more expansive content on their laptops when they get home, you’ll see an appreciable surge in traffic.

The Learning Never Stops

As the old saying goes, change is the only constant in the content marketing world. Add mobile to the mix and the playing field becomes even more confusing.

You’ll need to keep your wits about you and be open to new content marketing techniques to stay in the game.

If you respond quickly to fickle consumer tastes, mobile content marketing triumph will eventually come your way.


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