Content Strategy in a Digital and Video-Focused World

You’ve heard the news time and time again. Facebook, Twitter, and Google have all gone the way of video. If you plan to market and do well on social media, you’ll need to incorporate video components and other digital media. But, does that mean you shouldn’t have an effective and well-thought out content strategy? Is video replacing content?

The Statistics Say Video Matters

In January, TechCrunch reported that Facebook had reached 100 million hours of video being watched each day on its website. 100 million hours of daily video watching is nothing to overlook from an advertising point of view. In fact, video has become one of the most important tools to businesses. The same report noted that Facebook has 2.5 million advertisers as well as 50 million small business pages. Not only are these your direct competition, but they are already using the social media powerhouse to get results. Are you?

Video Is important, But Not Everything

  • It aids in search engine ranking when video isn’t there yet. Kissmetrics states that Google will penalize sites with duplicate content while rewarding those that have high-quality content. It’s likely to create a very positive impact on your website traffic.
  • Content grabs attention too, if your headline is a good one. Copyblogger reports that 80% of people read your headline even though just 20% will go on to read the content.
  • Your content tells readers why they care and what they should do if they care. If you incorporate actionable steps in your content, your reader is drawn into taking action.
  • Content answers questions. Video informs, but content can provide accurate information to resolve concerns and questions.
  • And, content solidifies your message, your voice, and your brand. It is through the words on your website, blog, posts, and tags that gives people that insight peek they need to react to your company and form a relationship with you.

The bottom line is simple. Your business can benefit significantly from video, as long as you create an effective, well-defined content strategy to take your readers from interested to buying. Are you finding it easy to mesh quality content alongside video?


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I am a published author of numerous books on financial, all natural and organic topics and a web content writer with experience in numerous topics including health, fitness, internet marketing, financial topics and many others. I do a great deal of work with news related topics or just high quality, informational articles. I've also written for companies such as the New York Times, Marriott Hotels, Nextag and hundreds of small business websites - usually as a ghostwriter. I also have seven+ years experience writing for the web. I write mostly web content for professionals and niche website developers. I also have extensive experience with blogging, including using various platforms, basic HTML and search engine optimization.

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