Content Marketing Guide for Ecommerce Startups with Limited Resources

Starting an ecommerce business from scratch is always a challenge, especially when your marketing budget is small. Marketing can be a steep climb for any new company and, when done poorly, it can mean a long road to the top — if you ever get there.

Content marketing is among the most valuable and affordable marketing strategies ecommerce companies can use, adding value to a brand, establishing an online reputation, and bringing the personal elements of a brick and mortar location to the digital world.

With the right approach, you can put your company front and center, maximizing chances of success!

Provide Adequate Resources

One of the largest weaknesses a website can have is a lack of quality content. Without enough information on your site, or a steady flow of posts on your blog, your visitors will have nowhere to go. Posting regularly to your blog, keeping your website up to date, and writing creative, compelling content is the best way to make sure readers have the information they need to keep them coming back for more.

Tell a Cohesive Story

Without a brick and mortar storefront to visit, your website needs to communicate a lot. It’s important to create a narrative that will introduce site visitors to who you are and what sets you apart from the rest. Your home page and any About Us pages should tell a story about you and your brand, painting a picture of what you have to offer why and it’s worth paying attention to.

Bring Your Products to Life!

Without a tangible object to hold, it’s important to give your site visitors a great impression of what you have available. Product descriptions should be captivating and compelling, creating an offline retail experience online. Language should be vibrant and active, giving life to an object that can only be seen from behind a screen.

Don’t settle for the product descriptions that came along from the manufacturer. Often, these are generic and don’t necessarily match the voice of your brand. More importantly, your manufacturer has give the exact same description to all your other retailer competitors! This creates a duplicate content problem for your website that can seriously hurt SEO performance.

Always write fresh, original descriptions for all your products to improve the customer shopping experience and SEO performance across your site.

Establish a Voice

Throughout your site, your company’s persona should be clear, creating a voice that speaks across your resources. Consistency can be a large part of this, making it vital that you use the same tone, attitude, and approach to content for your site, posts, and product descriptions. Using a freelance writer, or a team of freelancers, can be an effective and low cost way to accomplish this, giving you the same source for all of your content.

Building a successful ecommerce business may take time and commitment, but content marketing can take you far. By providing your readers with cohesive, quality content, wowing with product descriptions, creating a voice, and telling a story through your website, it’s possible to establish an online operation your customers will come back to over and over.


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Rachel has spent her whole whole life writing. In addition to academic pursuits throughout her education, Rachel holds a Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in creative writing and a Master of Accounting. She excels in in business writing, including accounting, marketing, finance, investments, and taxation.

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