5 Content Marketing Blogs That Will Not Disappoint

Everyone wants content that’s meaty. You never go in and ask for the smallest burger with the driest piece of meat. You want all the fixins’. When content is meaty, meaning when it has the right amount of links, sharable information, tips, pointers and ideas, it’s viable.

It’s like that hot new emoji everyone is using, or that funny meme that becomes instantly sharable, likeable, clickable, and tweetable. But how do you make your content perfect every time especially with the internet changing so much if you’re not a content strategist?

One key way is through the top content blogs and marketing advice sites from the pros. Because you want your landing pages to be filled with happy customers, check out these informative sites that you should be following. They are loaded with tools and tips to help you get the right approach and reach your specific target market – every time.

1. Moz Blog

Most in marketing know about Moz Blog and Rand Fishkin. Content marketers contribute fresh approaches to SEO tools and top marketing pointers to take your business to the next level. You’ll find everything from keyword marketing strategies to conversions through audience analysis.

2. Content Marketing Institute

Founded by Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Institute, or CMI, has everything content marketing: research, resources, SEO, strategy, social media, and ways to measure return on investment. Make this your go-to source for information, updates, training and consulting.

3. Quick Sprout

If you don’t know the name Quick Sprout, then you’re sure to know Neil Patel. His blog is famous for its conversion methods to drive traffic to your business and increase your ROI. What makes his blogs stand out from the rest are his best practices and insightful tips and tools. He’s worked with Amazon, GM, HP, Viacom and NBC. He also co-founded Crazy Egg and is one of the top influencers according to the Wall Street Journal.

4. ClickZ

Considered one of the best resources for content marketing, ClickZ has up-to-date news, strategies, commentary, marketing automation and other crucial information marketing professionals need. Look for great articles about ways to offer online freemiums, tips for mapping a customer’s journey to increase engagement across various platforms, and CRM integration mistakes in marketing automation.

5. The Content Strategist

No time to keep up with marketing trends? Check out The Content Strategist. With its unique approach to content marketing developments, brand publishing and storytelling, the advice is not only engaging, but will help to keep your writing informative and focused. Look for blogs like: How Guardian Life Uses Content to Reach Millennials, Study: Not All Millennials Use Social Media the Same Way or the Gore-Tex Brand’s Gorgeous Adventure Mag.

With great blogs to subscribe to, you’ll have all the content marketing tools and resources you need. Let us know which are your new favorites!


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Nikki is a gifted and successful writer in grad school who has been writing freelance for the past few years. Her writing has been used in various publications, e-books, articles, blogs, tutorials, and websites. She has worked with many clients where she has published articles and books.

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