How to Become a LinkedIn Warrior: 3 Personal Branding Tips

How to Become a LinkedIn Warrior: 3 Personal Branding Tips

How to Become a LinkedIn Warrior: 3 Personal Branding Tips

When it comes to B2B content marketing, LinkedIn is truly the king of the Internet. Between its 330+ million users and its recently expanded features, like publishing and online learning, it is the social launching pad for professionals and brands alike.

Building Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

It’s time to delve into how individuals — from CEOs to bootstrapping entrepreneurs — use the professional networking platform to promote their personal brands, get more clients, and earn respect as thought leaders.

Communicate Your Uniqueness

LinkedIn’s co-founder, Reid Hoffman, specifically offered the following advice to entrepreneurs, (and any professional looking to stand out from the crowd): “One of the things about competitive differences is you really have to think ‘How am I almost world class?’”

Stand out by creating a dynamic profile that include links to your personal blog, social profiles, and associated company, if applicable.

Keep Your Audience Engaged

Since becoming a publishing platform, LinkedIn redefined networking to include an emphasis on thought leadership, which has helped many professionals become thought leaders in their industry.

As Content Marketing Institute points out, publishing attention-grabbing headlines, custom opt-in offers, and helpful content your audience cares about can reel in hundreds of subscribers and potential partnerships.

Reach Out and Make Connections

To build your personal brand with any measure of success, you’ll need to crawl out of your comfort zone and make new (and potentially beneficial) connections. Publishing content is one way to enhance networking, but it lacks a personal touch.

Spend time crafting personal messages, looking for connection opportunities within your existing audience, and reaching out to influencers to boost your numbers. In addition to attracting more leads, having a large network on LinkedIn positively affects how users view your brand’s credibility and importance.

How Does Your Personal Brand Measure Up?

How are you different, and what will you add to the conversation? Furthermore, where will your content travel? Follow the above tips to build a captivated professional following on a platform that works non-stop to promote your personal brand.


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Claire holds a psychology degree and years of experience as a writer. She is knowledgeable about business, marketing, health, and art, but can adapt to diverse content needs. With a strong commitment to deadlines and unique content creation, Claire provides engaging and informative copy tailored to any audience.

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