7 Content Marketing Tactics for Success

7 Content Marketing Tips for SuccessMany businesses have come to realize in recent years that content is an integral part of a successful online marketing strategy.

While knowing is often half the battle, many still struggle with the execution portion of the content marketing process.

Here are just a few surefire techniques that you can use to supercharge your own content. 

1. Mix Evergreen & Topical

Regardless of the specific form that your content takes on any given day, you need to vary the focus of your pieces.

Release a regular stream of content that's related to current events in your field. At the same time, try to put out periodic evergreen guides on niche-specific topics. 

2. Curate Content Regularly

An easy way to boost your content output is to use the work of others as a jump-off point. Content curation allows businesses to siphon off a bit of the buzz created by other businesses and sites.

Better yet, it's a great way to improve site SEO and boost SERPs rankings. 

3. Repurpose Old Content

Few businesses realize that there's plenty of content value lurking within their archives. Oftentimes, it's not even necessary to edit or rewrite content to squeeze a bit of extra life from older publications.

All you have to do is repurpose the content in question by promoting it to a new audience. 

4. Cross-Promote with Video

If you're not using video to augment traditional content marketing avenues like blogging, you need to start immediately.

More importantly, you should use your YouTube and Vimeo videos to promote other forms of content that you've posted elsewhere. Make sure that your videos mention your primary website and social media profiles. 

5. Use Q&A Sites for Research

Keeping your finger on the pulse of the community and using that intelligence to guide your content efforts is a must in this day and age.

Check out sites like Quora and Reddit to see what your potential customers are most interested in and tailor your content to address their concerns. 

6. Content First, Keywords Later

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make when using content to raise their profiles is focusing too much on keywords. While keywords are important, they're not the be-all and end-all of content marketing.

Build your content so that it revolves around a particular topic and seamlessly incorporate the appropriate keywords later on. 

7. Focus on Unique Photos

While social media is an effective way to promote content, most of your traffic will come from Google and Bing. More and more, images are being used to search for content.

As such, it's vital that you optimize your images for search and use unique photos that set your content apart. 

Going the Distance

Devising a content marketing strategy that accomplishes your goals at a reasonable price is a marathon, not a sprint.

You can reach the finish line more quickly with less effort by employing established SEO best practices and putting out the best content possible. The tactics covered here should help you immensely.


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Earl is a writer at Crowd Content and creates content for a mix of technology and mobile marketing websites. To work with Earl and other great freelance writers, create a free client account at Crowd Content today!

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