7 Best Tools for Your WordPress Blog

WordPress tools for bloggers

WordPress is often seen as the premier DIY website builder, and that’s for good reason. It’s the most-used content management system and powers over a quarter of the web. The platform of choice for everyone from one-person startups to blogs with international appeal, WordPress has a lot to offer any digital marketer.

Having a WordPress blog and making the most of WordPress are not one and the same, however. The plug-ins you choose can be extremely influential, taking your site from average to awesome. Here are the top seven tools to bolster your blog’s presence.

1. Anti-Spam

Fostering a thriving community on your blog is a big benefit, but getting the ball rolling is hard when your comments section is overrun with spam. The Anti-Spam plug-in does exactly what the name implies — stops spam. With better reviews than the built-in spam fighter that comes with WordPress, users wishing to see a clutter-free comment section will have a lot to love.

2. Yoast SEO

When you want to step up your web presence, the right SEO tools make the process a little easier. Whether you’re an SEO wiz or still looking for a little advice, Yoast SEO streamlines the optimization process by offering simple, actionable guidance. Analytics and documentation are meaningful as well, providing even newcomers with a great way to stay on top of the SERPs.

3. Google Analytics

Google analytics for wordpress blog

Arguably the best tool for tracking performance on Google, the Google Analytics WordPress dashboard provides deep insight into site performance and capabilities. With this handy tool, you can track stats such as the source of your web traffic, page views and most popular posts right within your WordPress blog, keeping you up to date at all times.

4. List Builder

An ace at conversions, List Builder is a Sumo product that detects when customers are going to leave your blog and provides compelling pop-ups designed to preserve both new and old relationships alike. List Builder allows you to offer email sign-ups, promo codes, freebies and other tools to your visitors on the pages of your choice, making the art of list building seamless and simple.

5. BackUpWordPress

Ever accidentally closed a Word doc without saving it, effectively deleting minutes, hours or days of effort in one click? Now imagine that happening to your blog. BackUpWordPress can help you fight back against data loss with site backups on your schedule. Choose what to back up, when to back it up, how often to back it up, and even your notification settings — in short, everything you need to stay protected.

6. Content Analytics

You may know where your web traffic is coming from and what posts your readers like most, but do you know why? Content Analytics can help you delve into the depths of your content marketing, helping you identify what chases users away, when readers get bored and leave, and what kinds of text stylings keep readers scrolling for more.

7. Gravity Forms

Sign-up pages. Offers. Surveys. Polls. Forms have lots of uses in digital marketing, and this builder is one of the best. Gravity Forms gives you a fully customizable approach to form building, allowing you to select appearance, content and functionality to collect virtually any information of value from readers.

WordPress has a lot to offer burgeoning bloggers, but effective usage can make all the difference. If you’re not staying on top of the tools available, you may miss out on the immense potential of your WordPress blog. By taking advantage of the top tools and techniques, you can expand your blog’s capabilities and improve the return on your investment.


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