5 Types of Blog Posts You Should Publish in 2016

types of blog posts

Every year, content marketing changes and content marketing stays the same.

Keeping up with it all can be more than a little confusing, huh?

In the hopes of achieving reader engagement and building an impressive following, most marketers will be publishing daily and weekly blog posts in 2016.

How can you be sure all of that hard work and money spent buying blog posts is going to pay off?

According to market researchers, below are five of the best content writing practices to be seen in 2016. Most of these you have already seen in action, but a few of these blog post ideas may surprise you.

1. Episodic Blog Content

A hot new type of content marketing can be found when you publish episodic content, or content delivered in a series.

Much like television episodes, episodic content causes readers to become engaged and actually anticipate your next blog post. The suspense of episodic content is much like a Hollywood cliffhanger, if you have high quality content writers.

2016 blog trends

2. Behind the Curtain

In an effort to create great content that is relatable to your audience, many website owners and marketers are developing blog posts that give their target market an opportunity to see behind the curtain.

The sneak peak blog post builds trust and credibility, two things your readers will absolutely appreciate.

Example: This is also known as exclusivity marketing. Check out Taylor Swift as the perfect example of behind the curtain exclusivity.

3. How-To Blog Post

This is probably one of the oldest and most popular forms of content marketing today, because it has something beneficial to offer the reader.

Not only do these blog posts get noticed, but readers often engage with the content, leaving feedback or sharing the information with others.

4. Epic Lists

While those top five and top ten list style articles are losing ground in terms of online marketing, epic lists are arriving on the scene and turning heads.

What is the difference?

An epic list is exactly that …EPIC. Most writers are writing epic lists with at least 100 points of curated content for readers to consider. The epic list should be huge, memorable and every blog needs at least one.

blogging trends:lists

Pro Tip: Utilize researched content, use your comments section, and get influencers involved.

5. Visual Content

It’s no surprise that one of the biggest predictions for 2016 among expert marketers is the rise of visual content.

Some of the most popular medias to be seen breathing life into blog posts in the New Year include: videos, infographics, images, slide shares, GIFS and even live streaming.

Marketing Tool: Canva is a great for marketers who need to create social media graphics, infographics, and more branded visual content.

The new year is ushering in some interesting new types of blog posts while remaining faithful to a few of the tried and true methods for content marketing.

What other types of content do you suspect will become popular in 2016? 

Let me know in the comments section below.

Kerri Ponder

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After pursuing an AAS in Nursing at Three Rivers College and Black River Technical College, Kerri found her true calling was writing. Now a full time writer on Crowd Content, she delivers original work that is highly researched and well-written, and is quick to welcome direct orders.

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0 thoughts on “5 Types of Blog Posts You Should Publish in 2016”

  • Avatar

    These are all great ideas – I especially like the thought of creating episodic content. Make the readers come back for more. Has anyone done this successfully on their blog?

  • Avatar

    I agree wholeheartedly about the visual content posts…people are so used to a ‘soundbite’ world with fewer words and more images. Instant gratification can go a along way to keeping your readers happy, especially those who read your blog on the go or on their mobile devices.

    • Avatar

      “Instant gratification” has historically had a negative connotation. Ironic that here’s a situation where it’s useful. In this day and age, most readers probably don’t have time for more than instant gratification.

      • Avatar

        Agreed, Earl! I think that episodic content has its place in certain niches, but it might not be suitable for every blog. It’s highly effective among how-to and instructional style blogs, and like Candy mentioned, very effective for promoting books and other media. I plan to incorporate episodic content into my pet information site; I think it will be helpful there as well.

  • Avatar
    Candy Simonson says:

    Great information! I was glad to learn about Canva for creating infographics and social media graphics. I intend to check it out!

  • Avatar

    Sadly, I still balk at the idea of visual content taking over. In most cases, I’d rather read an article than scroll past images and watch videos. Maybe I’m old fashioned?

    I’m planning to try episodic content this year. I have a list of ideas that see far too large for just one or two posts and as you said, it’s a great way to keep readers coming back for more. I might try for the epic list later this year after I’ve built up more posts on my newer blog.

    • Avatar

      There’s nothing necessarily wrong with being old-fashioned. It just means it might be harder to find things you like. Good luck with trying episodic content.

    • Avatar
      Georgia Potts says:

      We’d love to hear back about whether you have tried this and how well it worked for you. Please report back about your progress and results!

  • Avatar

    This is one of the better posts I’ve seen about keeping your blog fresh. Great advice, and perfect for any blogger trying to keep their content from going stale. This posts inspires me to work a bit harder on getting my blog more dynamic and to continue updating on a regular basis.

    • Avatar

      Getting a jolt of inspiration is always a good thing. You can often find one of those at Crowd Content, one of many benefits this site offers.

  • Avatar

    I really like the idea of continuing content in a series style. It not only engages an audience but allows you the opportunity to explore a topic in depth.

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