5 Tips for Increasing Shares and Comments on Your Blog

The goal of content marketing is to create online content that reaches a large audience and inspires that audience to take action. Judging the success of content marketing is difficult and there are lots of metrics that have been devised for that purpose.

One of the more reliable metrics is social engagement. Evidence shows that people who comment or share content are more likely to take revenue producing actions based on that content.

And while correlation is not causation, this does mean that if you are able to produce content that inspires people to share and comment, you are likely to get better results from your content marketing.

The following are five tips for getting your audience to better engage with your content.

1. Post the First Comment

Herd mentality dictates that people are more likely to act once someone else has acted first. If you post something to the comment section of your blog, especially if it is evocative in some way, that comment is likely to get responses or inspire others to post comments.

2. Respond to Comments

One of the best ways to engage readers is to respond to their comments, from an account obviously associated with the blog page. The author of content writing can often feel like a faceless and soulless blob to readers.

But a direct response in the comment thread creates a sense of life in the author. This will engage your readers and make them more likely to comment and share in the future.

3. Create Surveys

There are few more direct ways to engage your audience than to survey your audience directly. A survey creates a direct conversation between you and your audience, and when the survey is completed, your audience has proof of a tangible result from that conversation.

If you create an interesting survey, it is very likely to be shared, which will bring more readers to your content. Some of those new readers are very likely to read additional content and possibly even take action on that content.

4. Add Social Sharing Buttons to Your Content

It can be difficult to maximize social sharing, because you have very little control over whether visitors choose to share your content. Well written and interesting content is more likely to be shared than dull content, which means you want high quality content writing on your website.

But no matter how high quality your writing is, your content is much less likely to be shared if the reader has to jump through hoops to share it. Simple sharing buttons for sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ make sharing easy and much more likely.

5. Create Promotions or Contests

Social media seems to exist for arguing politics, publishing pictures of cats, and sharing news about free products and big discounts. Create a promotion that gives people a chance to win something big or with a very large discount (over 50%) on a product and service and your readers are sure to share it.

If you make sharing required for the promotion, you will probably turn people away, but you can get away with making sharing an optional way to improve your chances to win a prize without upsetting your audience.


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Mickey has degrees in linguistics and logic from a top 25 university. He has been writing online for the approximately five years, specializing in gaming, hobbies, and media. He has never missed a deadline. Quality and speed are equally important to Mickey and he'll never sacrifice one for the other.

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