5 SEO Objections Debunked

SEO benefits are plainly obvious, yet a high number of companies still shy away from using SEO tactics in marketing efforts.

It’s hard to understand why SEO would ride in the back seat of the marketing van when over half of all shoppers begin online purchases with search engines.

Among those searching shoppers, 70% choose organic results over Adwords, according to a Marketing Sherpa report in 2012.

These numbers only continue to rise as more shoppers get on the online bandwagon and younger generations continue their attachment to electronic devices.

Why, then, are companies continuing to ignore SEO?

1. SEO Has Failed to Work

Faith has been lost in SEO recently, mostly because of the consistent algorith changes rolled out by many search engines and the continuous updates to the sites.

However, SEO is still working, and companies that believe any different are truly missing out. SEO techniques still exist that will increase traffic and help websites rank on search engines.

Keeping up to date with new search engine techniques has always been essential in marketing. Stay up to date to find out which techniques work best in rolling out new SEO-based marketing strategies.

2. An Unpredictable Avenue

Yes, SEO is unpredictable, but it is not completely unreliable, as many companies believe. While it’s true that companies can no longer purchase a higher search engine ranking, there are ways to create a more predictable SEO path.

Sites can be maximized for the highest possible SEO potential. The best method to maximizing a site is education.

Reading blogs on topics such as content curation and keeping up with the latest SEO news will help marketers keep websites in the top rankings and SEO as predictable as possible.

3. Changes Come Too Fast and Expense is Too Much

SEO does change on a consistent basis, but not all of the changes will affect every website. While it’s always wise to keep up with SEO, it’s also a good idea to make sure new changes will affect a website directly before taking any action.

Additionally, it’s never been free. However, it has always been relatively cheaper than any other type of website promotion.

4.  It Takes Too Much Time

It’s true that search engines take some time to initially rank a website toward the top, but once the site is there, it can stay there with a moderate amount of marketing.

The site will continuously bring in business after some patience and waiting for rankings.

5. The Technicalities and Changes to the Site are Too Much

SEO is a technical process, but it actually requires more marketing knowledge than technical. Understanding keywords, writing attractive content and pushing customers through the sales funnel is the main focus of SEO, not technical advances.

If the site includes attractive content, it will pull customers through the sales funnel, and changes to the site will not be necessary.

While some SEO changes require minor website changes, the company who has always practiced white hat website marketing will have only small changes to make the site match the latest SEO changes.


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Joanna holds a degree in English, Medical Assisting and Early Childhood Development. She is an experience writer in the areas of online marketing, SEO, childhood development, preschool lesson plan writing, and customer service methods. She will deliver the high quality content you deserve!

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