5 Content Marketing Resources to Help You Reach Customers

Content Marketing Resources

Content Marketing Resources

Here is a quick list of five content marketing resources and techniques to help you get more out of your content efforts!

1. Identify your target customer

It sounds a bit cliché, but you have to ‘be your customer’. Tapping into the cultural ethos, as described in a blog post on getting followers to amplify your best content is central to reaching your customers. If you can’t describe the person in detail that will be interested in your content and WHY then you may find that either you won’t get the traffic you are seeking or that traffic will simply not ‘bite’ on what you’re selling. Ever landed on a page that was simply not what you were looking for? Exactly!

2. Social Media

Everybody knows you have to have a Facebook page, right? Duh. But there are a plethora of competing social media sites and YOUR content readers may or may not be THERE. Invest  time into finding out where your target market spends social time online. Tools like Buzzsumo are great. Engage them there, become one with your target audience! Learn their lingo and visit their favorite spots online.

3. Paid Ads

If you’ve done your homework and have accurately identified your target audience, mingled with them in their social hangouts and honed organic search terms, implemented what you’ve learned, then you’re ready for some paid advertising. Tailor your Google or Facebook ads to what you’ve learned. Track them regularly, and make adjustments and tweaks as needed.

4. Inbound Marketing

Getting your target market on your page is only the first step! Compel them to take the next step, whatever that may be. Hubspot is king when it comes to describing inbound marketing. This is a wonderful content marketing resource to learn and gain tips and tweaks to your site’s content and sales funnel to get them to come to you. Value added offers and free services or add-on/up-sell products are a super way to whet their appetite.

5. Connect With Complimentary Competition ~ Coat Tailing

Don’t reinvent the wheel! Find other product or service providers seeking the same target market as you. They don’t have to be direct competitors with similar products or services, just after the attention of the same audience. Go where they go and do what they do and learn from how they interact with your target audience.


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Chase has over 20 years experience in marketing/sales with a business degree and advanced graduate education from Boston University in IT Project Management. She is a licensed real estate broker and experienced web developer/designer. She can deliver timely, relevant copy for your technology, real estate, business and web related topics.

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