5 Blogging Tips That Will Supercharge Site Traffic

5 Blogging TipsThat Will Supercharge Site TrafficWhatever your wheelhouse, blogging is still a highly effective way to get your message across to followers and raise your profile on the web.

Most blogging campaigns don’t fail for lack of effort or good intentions. The reality is that far too many bloggers neglect the nuts and bolts underneath the hood that will ensure their success.

For the foreseeable future, the following up-to-date blogging tips should serve you well.

1. Link to High-Profile Authorities

Though it took years to come to fruition, Google’s long-term goal of tying relevance to identity has finally been realized.

Due in large part to the Authorship project, it’s possible to leverage the clout of specific individuals to boost link juice.

Whether it’s a simple namedrop or a more focused shout out, try to reference popular bloggers or authorities by name and link to their pages.

2. Use the “Pillar Article” Strategy

Readers need to hit a certain threshold of exposure to your blog to become serious followers. Ensuring that any given potential customer reaches that threshold is what the Pillar Article Strategy is all about.

Write general articles on broad topics and then develop further articles based on each issue raised within the pillar post. Ideally, this pyramid approach will turn casual readers into rabid fans.

3. Scientifically Optimize Post Length

There’s an optimal length for everything from Twitter blasts to Facebook updates if you’re interested in leaving an impression on followers.

A good rule of thumb is about 500 words per blog post to start. To find the right length for your niche, you’ll need to closely monitor your analytics to determine the sweet spot.

Whatever length you choose, be sure to publish on a regular schedule.

4. Employ Multiple Broadcast Formats

Nowadays, consumers use a wide array of devices ranging from desktop PCs to tablets to access interesting content. Consequently, bloggers that gain the most traction with their followers publish content in a variety of formats.

For instance, you could publish truncated versions of posts for mobile readers to sum up the corresponding full articles. Recording YouTube videos that flesh out your blog posts is always a smart idea.

5. Answer Questions with Your Posts

Quite possibly the most important thing to remember when crafting content is that your posts should answer specific questions that might be posed by potential followers.

More and more, people are asking questions of search engines like Google using natural language rather than merely punching in keywords.

If you focus your posts around answering questions, you’ll be much more likely to attain high SERPs rankings for content pieces.

Keeping the Train on the Tracks

Making the most of your blogging is as much about technical tweaks as it is about content. Once a post generates a certain amount of inertia, it’s far more likely to maintain a high rank in the SERPs.

It takes a concerted effort for posts to achieve high rankings in the first place. For the moment, these tips will help to make that happen.


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