4 Ways Leveraging Big Data Returns Better Content Marketing Results

Big data

Big data plays a major role in content creation and content marketing. You have to know how each demographic group in your audience prefers to receive content. You have to know what tone/type of language appeals to them best and what visual inclusions make them want to view your content. You can get all of these answers by leveraging the right pieces of big data.

Pull the Right Data

Do you know what type of big data is going to provide you the most information about your audience and how they perceive your content? That is where a lot of content creators and content marketing firms stumble. Great content creation services excel because using data-driven improvements to your content marketing strategy produces better results.


From these five basic categories (metrics), you can break down sales data to sales from specific social media network leads, unique sales, repeat customers and sales coming from referrals (shared content).

Upon analyzing the big data results of these mining practices, you can adjust your practices to cater to your audience. You’ll convert more content marketing campaigns to sales and will see more sales come from compelling content production.

Data-Driven Story-telling Content

Use big data in the way of trending topics in your industry or current events to come up with a story-telling idea. Story-telling topics based upon current events, using real scenarios performs very well. It may seem boring, but you can take that data and create a story compelling enough that readers share it on social media. Storytelling while including facts and figures is difficult, but mastering the balance produces content that builds audiences and increases conversion rates quickly.

Include Big Data in Content

Society likes statistics and hard facts. Whenever possible, include this data in your content and link those statistics/facts to reputable references. Not only does this show your audience that you took the time to make sure your information is accurate, but you displayed in a way that makes it entertaining or exciting to read.

Once you’ve published a short series of content with statistics and facts, collect the performance data, and compare it to the content published without the use of statistics and facts. You should notice a larger number of views of content created with the backing of provable statistics. In all actuality, big data is driving content marketing strategies to be restructured for improved consumer experiences and bigger brand revenues.

Internal Analytics

Are you analyzing your own company when pulling data? What this means is, are you looking at what types of content get the most attention, what content leads to sales and what content is being shared or linked to on the Internet? If not, you are making a big mistake. You can create content based upon content marketing trends, but if you aren’t making sure it’s what your audience wants, it’s wasted time.


View the results of every piece of content created to make sure it is meeting performance standards, and if it isn’t, view examples of content that is performing and adjust accordingly. Even the best marketing professionals need to know how to handle big data.

Closing Thoughts

Trends change, and so does the way that audiences like to receive content. Pay close attention to the formatting of each piece published. Make sure to include visual stimulation of some kind, and include lists or short paragraphs whenever possible. All of these things help your content to be more appealing to audiences for better content marketing results.



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