4 Tips to Refresh Your Stale Blog

Let’s face it, it’s tough to hit a homerun every time you’re up to bat and, similarly, it’s going to be a challenge to keep your blog from hitting the mark with each entry. However, if you’ve noticed that your blog has been sitting in a slump for a while, you should think about refreshing its content and format with a few tips that not only put the kibosh on blogger burnout, but also improve the overall quality of your blog so that you don’t lose readership and, ideally, are able to attract more followers.

Old-Fashioned Brainstorming €”with a Modern Twist

If you come to the blog table without ideas that knock your metaphorical socks off, you might have reached a point in your blog’s career where you’ve exhausted your subject matter. This, of course, mustn’t happen to a writer or business with a blog that’s previously been thriving. To generate more writing topics, do some brainstorming. Instead of generating ideas yourself, head to Google and do a keyword search. Chances are you’re going to pull up news articles, editorials, and even other blogs that can inspire new angles and new ideas for your own platform.

Build a Topic Database

Before sitting down with your latest writing idea, take time to build a topic database. After generating some ideas with Google keywords, research further to create a viable list of actionable ideas that you’ll be able to use for your blog. You’ll need to peruse the contents of relevant news sites, journals, and other blogs. Be sure to scan forums to uncover trend-worthy topics to cover in your blog. Once you have a list of topics, you can begin to plug them into your publishing calendar. The beauty of having your topics mapped out is that it allows you some additional time to research those topics to produce a truly outstanding entry.

Diversify the Medium

You can add interest to your blog by diversifying mediums. In many cases, you can even revisit former popular topics by changing up the way you present it. For example, if you had a written piece that scored big with readers, consider addressing a similar angle on the subject but presenting it in a video. Diversifying your medium is a great way to refresh the look of your blog as well as its content. Spice up your entries with podcasts or images. Consider creating an infographic or some other type of visual entry that is likely to sharable on social media sites.

Clean It Up

After freshening up your content, don’t forget to address some of the more €”dare I say a mundane aspects of blog-keeping. That means check your links to ensure they aren’t broken. Check to ensure your social share tools are doing their job. When cleaning up your blog, consider updating your about page and getting a new headshot. Updating your policies page and header can also help refresh your overall platform.

Blogs need tremendous love and care to ensure that they continue to thrive. Maintaining the connection to your audience is essential, and the best way to attract your readership is to provide it with compelling content. Use these tips to refresh your blog, but don’t forget to read other blogs on a regular basis so that you stay inspired and enthusiastic about your own project.



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J. A. Young has been freelancing professionally for 8 years. She has directed multi-type libraries and is an adept researcher. Her repertoire of published work includes marketing materials , straight journalism, and academic writing. J. A. Young has an MA in English and is comfortable writing/researching for any topic.

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