10 Tips to Become a Better Writer Today

10 Tips to Become a Better Writer Today

The Internet holds a wealth of information on becoming a better writer, and it’s true that writing is a very personal journey.

What works for you may not work for your writer friend. However, there are a few general tips that will propel every writer from good to great.

1. Don’t Edit First

Avoid editing while you’re writing your first draft of anything. Creating is a process that should be nursed, editing is a completely different part of the job.

You wouldn’t put the bread down before the plate, would you? Look at editing as a completely separate process from the creation part of your work.

If this is difficult, try turning off the monitor and just typing. This trick is great for those of us who are too tempted to edit while writing.

2. Keep It Up

Every writer should be writing every single day, for at least 30 minutes at a time. Ideas come faster and the craft becomes honed through daily practice.

Just as you would make time to eat, make time to create anything, even if it will never leave your computer hard drive.

3. Seek Criticism

We’re serious about this one. Look for those that would criticize your work honestly, because strangers will be much harsher. Never let a criticism deter you from writing; simply use it to improve your craft.

No one is perfect, and our goal as writers is to continuously improve ourselves. Criticism is one of the best ways to do this.

4. Too Many Words

Watch the number of words in every sentence. There should be no unnecessary words. Again, ask the critic if the piece is too wordy. As with other forms of art, too many words deters a reader and loses audiences.

5. Read

Read successful fiction and non-fiction authors to find out what they’re doing. What is their style? What is their story? How do they sell all those books every year?

Learn from those who have been there.

6. Pick Up the Habits of Others

Find out how successful writers work, then adopt their habits. If they network, you should network. If they designate a time every day for their craft, so shall you.

Adopt their good habits to develop some of your own.

7. Be Realistic

Follow a realistic writing schedule. You’ll never succeed if you can’t create a time every day to write, and you’ll burn out if you try to write when the timing is wrong.

Find a time when no one else will bother you, and when you can realistically concentrate on your ideas.

8. No Lingo

Be cautious of expressions and slang, unless the writing calls for it. Try to avoid sayings that have been grossly overused in society, and avoid slang completely for any serious pieces of work.

9. Get a Coach

While it can be pricey, getting a coach or writing instructor will be the editor, mentor and critic rolled into one. Many successful writers have done it, and many continue to seek peer advice.

10. Edit Older Pieces

Editing older pieces is a valuable place to review what you don’t want to repeat. You’ll also see where your writing has gone and how good you’ve become at your craft. Don’t be afraid to redo those old pieces as often as you can.

Do you have any tips to become a better writer?


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Joanna holds a degree in English, Medical Assisting and Early Childhood Development. She is an experience writer in the areas of online marketing, SEO, childhood development, preschool lesson plan writing, and customer service methods. She will deliver the high quality content you deserve!

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