Crowd Comments Updates – July 22, 2016

Crowd Content Community

Crowd Comments is an interactive commenting platform that helps brands build vibrant communities around their content. To learn more about Crowd Comments as a contributor, go here. If you’d like to install Crowd Comments on your blog, go here.


In an ongoing effort to encourage authentic, relevant discussion, we’re rolling out the following updates.

Updates are based off of feedback from contributors and partner blogs. All updates are intended to align with our primary objectives to:

  1. Help our partner blogs build vibrant communities, and
  2. Provide a positive and fun environment for contributors to earn rewards

Updates for July 22, 2016 include:

  • Added New Awards: Introducing Fresh and Prime comments
    • See a “leaf” or “lightning bolt” icon at the top of a thread? That thread is in Fresh or Prime state
    • Leave a comment during either state and get 10 coins instantly
    • Each contributor can only earn one Fresh or Prime award per thread (not both)
  • Made Milestones and Rank Simpler: Milestones now only earn Rank, not Coins
    • Because earning 3 or 5 Coins didn’t feel meaningful, Milestones now just contribute to your Rank
    • Ranking up earns Coins
  • Rebalanced Rank Up Rate: Updated rate points are earned to next Rank
    • Each Rank up now generates 25 Coins
    • Rank is important! Some Milestones, Awards, and other actions unlock at certain Rank levels
  • Rebalanced Coin Value: Because Coins are easier to earn now, the value has been reduced
    • 100 Coins is now worth $10
    • Coin conversion will take place on Thursdays. Email [email protected] when you’ve reached at least 100 Coins to have them converted on the following Thursday!
    • To help with the transition, we’re increasing current Coin balances on all accounts by 2.5X immediately!
  • General Notes:
    • We will continue to adjust the model based on feedback from contributors and partner blogs
    • Some Milestones that were being abused have been capped or limited in other ways
    • We will continue to add new Milestones and Awards — (Milestones and Awards for authors are coming soon!)

If you are a contributor, please remember to read and understand the Commenting Guidelines before participating.

Thank you for your continued participation in Crowd Comments! As always, please email any feedback to support, or leave a comment below.


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Clayton is the Founder and CEO at Crowd Content, a content marketplace for clients and high performance writers. He enjoys writing about marketing ideas and content trends.

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