Simplifying the Complex: Why Technical Writing Matters

Suppose you’re preparing to roll out an exciting new app, and you need a step-by-step guide to show customers how to use it. Or, maybe your organization recently completed a groundbreaking study and you’re eager to share what you’ve learned — except you have no idea where to start. If these — or similar — […]

10 Tips for B2B Copywriting That Converts

Discover ways to improve your B2B copywriting and create content that attracts attention and convinces business customers to work with your company. Boost Conversions With Better B2B Copywriting Copywriting is the heart of every content marketing strategy for B2B companies. The text bears a heavy burden when you’re ranking a business website or driving traffic with […]

Supercharge Your Content Marketing Strategy With a Blog-Writing Service

Blogs have evolved dramatically over the past 10-20 years. They’re no longer limited to online journals — now, they’re valuable marketing tools that can drive traffic, build authority and strengthen your sales funnel. When you’re short on time, a blog-writing service can help you capitalize on the business-building benefits without adding to an already packed […]

5 Things to Plan for When You Outsource Blog Writing

Blog posts are important for many businesses — in some cases, they can even be the bread and butter of your content marketing strategy. According to a survey of business-to-business content marketers by the Content Marketing Institute, more than 90% of businesses use blog posts for content marketing. Keeping up with that competition can take […]

How Much Does a Ghostwriter Cost for Business Writing?

Content marketing drives your business. Companies leverage content to build their brand, generate sales and nurture leads. But producing content at scale takes time. According to data, it takes over four hours on average for businesses to write a blog post—an increase of 67% over a seven-year span! Ebooks can take twice as long as […]

Online Marketing SOS: What is SEO Article Writing?

You’re an established business with a modern website, but you don’t get many visitors. Everything looks great, so why can’t people find you online? If you haven’t optimized your website, that lack of SEO might provide an answer. But what is SEO article writing, and how can it help you drive traffic? We’ll dive into […]

Who’s on Your Business Content Writing Team and How Do You Manage Them?

According to Econsultancy, content marketing and writing skills are second only to data analysis when it comes to importance for marketers. And while many people can learn to craft grammatically correct, optimized copy, the fact is that writing is somewhat of a talent. Not everyone can infuse marketing copy with enticing voice or create an informational […]

Have Bulk Content Writing Projects? 6 Key Things You Need To Know

Content marketers and SEO experts know that content is critical to the success of their campaigns. Even the best strategies need amazing content to fuel their results. However, some circumstances may require content in far larger batches, ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands of words per day. Think of eCommerce stores that need to […]

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