What Makes a Good Technical Writer?

Bad writing costs big money. As noted by a recent article from the Daily Beast, businesses are losing almost $400 billion each year to confusing content, poorly-written prose and awful emails. Why? Because the sheer amount of writing now required for even small and midsize businesses makes this impossible to avoid: Any content created for […]

Can You Outsource Landing Page Copywriting? 7 Things to Consider First

Landing page copywriting requires a lot of technique infused with a heady dose of artistic flair. You need a writer who can convey the best aspects of your product or service to consumers and convince them to buy in; numbers and data work, but only if they’re buoyed by emotion. People want a reason to […]

Boiling Down the Top 6 Challenges in Content Writing for Agencies

Creating content that moves the needle has gotten a lot harder. And, content marketing is no longer the simple game it used to be ten years ago, when just publishing a decent piece every now and again would be sufficient. Not anymore — with over 2 million blog posts published online every day, the occasional […]

Ghostwriters: The Secret to Maximizing Your In-House Writing Team

You’ve got a lot of content that needs to be created, but even coffee only goes so far toward getting your in-house writing team to produce more. Ghostwriters seem like a good solution, but you’ve got concerns about upsetting the status quo. Will they “get” your company’s brand voice? Can you rely on them and […]

Copywriting for SEO: How to Be Sure Your eCommerce Copy Converts and Ranks

Powerful eCommerce copy must do two things well to work for your bottom line. First, it must include strong keyword optimization and content that captures the intent of what consumers are looking for online and capitalizes on and satisfies that intent. If your copy does this, you benefit from: More time spent on page Higher […]

How Does Outsourcing Copywriting Help Affiliate Marketers?

Maintaining a presence within the affiliate marketing world requires keeping ahead of changes in a variety of different sectors. Affiliate marketers need to understand the current state of the SEO industry and tailor their content in order to play well with search engines such as Google. At the same time, affiliate marketers need to write […]

What Is a Ghostwriter Best Able to Help With?

Harry Houdini used one. So did Johnnie Cochran. Sarah Palin hired her own, as did Naomi Campbell, Aretha Franklin, and (rumor has it) Alexandre Dumas. George Takei and Kerry Washington each have their own who specialize in social media. Ghostwriters are the secret forces hired to write some of the most recognized literary works in […]

Are Editors Essential to Your Content Marketing Success?

Content marketing is driven by a quest for the best possible ROI. What you get in return for your investment determines which strategies stick. After all, no one wants to throw good money after bad, and funneling your financial commitment toward the channels that work best is the smartest play you can make. What does […]

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