What You Need to Know About Google & Longer Meta Descriptions to Boost SEO this Year

Google upped the ante on meta descriptions leading into 2018, and that means brands that want to stay competitive online need to start tweaking some foundational SEO elements in their content. The longer meta descriptions have more property on which you can stake your search engine (and consumer attention) claim, but so does everyone else. […]

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Metadata

Do you ever wonder how search engines find your website? There’s this thing called metadata, mysterious to many internet users, that tells search engines what’s on your website. Metadata is data that describes the content of your website. The blurb that shows up on a search engine page and on social media is metadata, but other […]

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Why Social Media Is Important for SEO

Over the past decade, the web has become far more interactive and collaborative across the board. Social media is a natural consequence of our innate desire as people to interact. For a long time, SEO was strictly concerned with dry technical details like metadata, keyword density and sheer backlink volume. Since then, the formula has […]

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