Proofreading vs Editing for Clarity

Writing is a continual process of correcting and revising your work until it’s clear, logical and organized. A well-written article or blog post may look effortless, but a lot happens behind-the-scenes to get it to this point. Understanding the tasks involved in proofreading vs editing can strengthen your own writing abilities. Differences Between Proofreading vs […]

Favorite Copyediting Software of Marketers and SEOs

It’s not easy crafting effective content. Even the most experienced writers can get tangled in clunky sentences, awkward phrasing and typos. The good news is, proofreading and copyediting software can help smooth out your content and add a little polish. Whether you want a quick grammar check or higher-ranking content in search engines, you’ve got […]

Editing and Proofreading Services for Existing Content Now Available

When we released editing and proofreading services for self-serve clients in March of this year, many of you asked if you could have your existing content edited and proofread. At the time, the feature only let you add editing and proofreading services to new content writing orders. Today, we have good news. We just released […]

Editing and Proofreading Services Now Available for Self-Serve Clients

In the world of publishing, just working with great writers isn’t enough. The pros know this, and that’s why they always pair great writers with experienced editors to ensure the final product is ready to wow their audience. Editors can help in many ways, from fixing grammar and syntax errors that slip through to keeping […]

A Sneak Peak at Crowd Content Editing

Crowd Content is working on launching an editing platform. Right now, it’s only available in Beta for select accounts. From a freelance writer’s standpoint, this is good news; another platform means another opportunity to earn money. However, if you’re a marketer or content manager working for a large company, it’s awesome news. Keep reading to […]

How to Start a Blog in 2024: An All-in-One Guide

You can’t go far on the internet without coming across a blog, but let’s be honest: Many sites struggle to stand out in a jam-packed digital landscape. You need to understand how to start a blog that your audience will want to read — while also satisfying your business goals. The thing is, blogs aren’t […]

What’s Google’s Stance on AI-Generated Content?

AI is the biggest game-changer for content marketing since Google Analytics came onto the scene in ’05. From simplifying tedious tasks to crafting targeted content, AI tools promise to streamline, innovate, and enhance.  But, amidst the hype and noise, there’s a burning question: Can Google, the digital gatekeeper, tell if content is created by steel […]

Top 10 AI Content Creation Tools

When the first artificial intelligence program in the United States emerged in 1952, it’s likely that its creator, Arthur Samuel, had no idea AI would one day be as pervasive as it’s become in the 21st century. But the soaring popularity of AI content creation tools underscores our collective desire for smarter, more streamlined ways to drive […]

Crafting Content That Counts: Inside the Content Production Process

Let’s face it: Creating and publishing outstanding content on your own is next to impossible. Thankfully, most businesses use a team — but with teams comes scale, and with scale comes bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and ineffectiveness.  Gone are the days of just winging it. Today’s cluttered blog landscape and the developing metaverse of tech and talk […]

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