Are Short Blog Posts Worth It in a Long-Form World?

How long should your blog posts be to attract visitors and rank highly with the search engines? Are shorter blog posts your best bet, or does long-form content generate more engagement? In a world of shifting content marketing expectations, it’s easy for companies to miss the mark and suffer the SEO consequences. Here’s what you […]

5 Types of Blog Posts You Should Publish in 2016

Every year, content marketing changes and content marketing stays the same. Keeping up with it all can be more than a little confusing, huh? In the hopes of achieving reader engagement and building an impressive following, most marketers will be publishing daily and weekly blog posts in 2016. How can you be sure all of that […]

Successful SEO with Articles and Blog Posts

Google rained a parade of algorithm changes on its search engine last year, all aimed at improving the results by devaluing content mills and link farms. This shook up search engine optimization (SEO) for many who found old tactics no longer worked. Fortunately, you can still win at SEO with articles and blog posts, especially […]

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How to Leverage Google My Business Posts to Promote Your Content

It’s not too often that you can get something for nothing, and it’s rare when that something has value. But this seems to be the case with Google My Business’s (GMB) relatively new posts feature. Google Posts let you promote your local business, announce events and sales and introduce new content or products directly on Google’s search […]

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9 Things You Need To Do To Improve Content For Your Blog To Give a Better Mobile Experience

It’s not enough anymore to have stellar content for your blog. You can be the top thought-leader in the industry and still miss out on valuable audience time and connections if your content isn’t optimized for a good mobile user experience. More and more, people are turning to portable devices for research, reading, shopping and […]

6 Expert Secrets to Make Your Social Media Posts Pop

There are lots of factors that come into play when it comes to your site’s search engine rankings, but social media is becoming increasingly important for SEO. Audience engagement is a big indicator of how well your posts are performing, and search engines take this into account when deciding how authoritative your site is. Shares, […]

7 Best Tools for Your WordPress Blog

WordPress is often seen as the premier DIY website builder, and that’s for good reason. It’s the most-used content management system and powers over a quarter of the web. The platform of choice for everyone from one-person startups to blogs with international appeal, WordPress has a lot to offer any digital marketer. Having a WordPress blog […]

Hearing Crickets? Here’s How to Elicit More Blog and Social Media Comments

Your business steers many resources toward its blog and social media platform, but it’s not getting the feedback and interaction it banked on. Let’s assume you’ve got plenty of traffic—an essential for interaction—but your posts simply aren’t generating comments. Don’t dismay and don’t give up the ship. By continuing to attract followers and adhering to […]

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