Favorite Copyediting Software of Marketers and SEOs

It’s not easy crafting effective content. Even the most experienced writers can get tangled in clunky sentences, awkward phrasing and typos. The good news is, proofreading and copyediting software can help smooth out your content and add a little polish. Whether you want a quick grammar check or higher-ranking content in search engines, you’ve got […]

Online Marketing SOS: What is SEO Article Writing?

You’re an established business with a modern website, but you don’t get many visitors. Everything looks great, so why can’t people find you online? If you haven’t optimized your website, that lack of SEO might provide an answer. But what is SEO article writing, and how can it help you drive traffic? We’ll dive into […]

Amazon SEO Strategy: Keyword Research and Other Tips

Every product on Amazon has a listing and each listing can be found in a number of places across the Amazon platform. In order to grow your sales, you want your listing to discoverable in as many places as possible. It’s important to constantly work on increasing the number of different pathways that can lead […]

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Walmart Marketplace SEO: Show Up Strong in Walmart’s Marketplace

Walmart has been a giant of the retail landscape for decades, so it’s probably not surprising to you to hear that it’s the second-biggest online retail brand in the United States. Only Amazon is bigger, and one thing both businesses use to increase their reach is partnership with third-party sellers. At Walmart, that partnership comes […]

How to Optimize SEO for Bing

When it comes to optimizing content for search, any discussion is typically focused on Google. No surprise—Google not only transformed search, it remains the 800-pound gorilla.  But there are other search engines that many people use instead of Google. Among those, Microsoft’s Bing is a real factor. It also presents an opportunity to gain traction […]

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How to Write Engaging SEO Buyers’ Guides for Your Website

Close to 90% of shoppers start their buying journey on digital channels. Before they even step into a storefront — potentially before they step out of their front door — consumers are consulting search engines to find out more about what product they might need or want. And that’s obviously even more true for purchases […]

Black Hat SEO Tactics That Work in 2020, But Might Not For Long

Search engine optimization is a priority for marketing teams of all shapes and sizes. Higher rankings mean more traffic, visibility and conversions – so the incentive is quite clear.  However, SEO isn’t a one-size-fits-all endeavor. There are many different ways to approach SEO, and what works for one company may not work for another. In […]

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