Feature Friday: Product Descriptions For Your Bigcommerce Store

Today's feature video explains how to order product descriptions for your Bigcommerce store.

The first step is to integrate your Bigcommerce store with Crowd Content. Now, anytime you place an order for product descriptions, the order form will automatically load the inventory from your Bigcommerce store. 

You can easily pick and choose which product descriptions you would like to have freshly written, or, simply, a re-write of what you are using.

It's common for e-tailers to receive inventory from the manufacturer with only a title attached to the product. In this case, you will order a fresh product description. You can choose your word count and provide any additional instructions to your writer.

If you have product descriptions from your manufacturer, you will want to create a product description re-write order. This is an SEO best practice every savvy e-tailer is conscious of.

Once your writers have completed your ordes, the descriptions can be uploaded directly into your Bigcommerce store. 

The best part? No copying and pasting!

Check out the video for step by step instructions!

Laura Dohan

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Laura is the Marketing and Community Manager at Crowd Content. She manages over 2000 content writers, content marketing, advertising, and community at Crowd Content. You'll see her popping in on the Crowd Content blog and on twitter, @laurdoh.

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