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The Ongoing Evolution of Content Marketing: Is Blogging Still Relevant?

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February 12, 2013

CEO, Crowd Content

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Blogging in Content MarketingBlogging has dominated content marketing in the past with most businesses looking to improve their SEO performance. Lately, however, it seems like the traditional blogging approach has been forgotten about.

As social media and mobile marketing started getting more attention, blogging appeared less sexy and cutting-edge. However, intelligent marketers still know that blogging is extremely relevant if you apply it properly in a social and mobile driven world.

By the Numbers

While generic social media gets all the attention, blogging still attracts massive amounts of traffic. For instance, Tumblr gets 355 million unique visitors every month and a good 400 million page views per day. At present, 81% of online users trust blogs when making buying decisions. Clearly, then, quality content is still a big draw if you know how to leverage it.

It’s also important to note that 24% of the top 10,000 blogs online have Facebook integration, which means that the line between blogging and social media is blurring at an increasing rate.

Changing Realities and Newer Media

While it’s true that mobile web traffic has grown exponentially as of late and that social media has greater rates of engagement than mere stock blogs, over 61% of web consumers in the U.S. still make purchases based on recommendations from a blog.

Additionally, 17% of mobile users rely on their smartphones for the bulk of their online shopping. Globally, a solid 1 billion users around the world are pure mobile web surfers.

Keep mobile users in mind when creating your blog content. Make it scannable and easy to read.

How to Maintain Blogging Profitability

Getting the most from your blogging efforts today requires a cross-disciplinary approach. Start integrating mobile and social into your mix and power those channels with your blog. Whatever you do, don’t neglect the continuous creation of quality content as you move forward.

One good strategy is to incorporate video clips into a traditional blog gradually. Also, a custom mobile app for your blog can boost traffic substantially if executed properly. Alongside forum posting and guest blogging, a healthy helping of social and mobile marketing is advisable.

Future Trends

As part of an overall marketing strategy, blogging is still very much relevant today. It’s still the best way to demonstrate authority, build a brand and develop a die-hard core of followers. Those who digest blog content will often be more reliable customers in the end.

Blogging is all about building long-term relationships with your audience. Go ahead and adopt new social and mobile techniques as you please. Just don’t forget about blogging in the long run.

Clayton is the Founder and CEO at Crowd Content, a content marketplace for clients and high performance writers. He enjoys writing about marketing ideas and content trends.

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