Crowd Content Launches New Website for 2013

Check out the new Crowd Content website!
Check out the new Crowd Content website!
The new website adds a fresh new look and updated information.

Were you tired of the old Crowd Content website? We were. That’s why we launched a brand new, completely redesigned website earlier this week.

View the new website now.

The new site gives Crowd Content a fresh look and provides more detailed information for clients and potential clients. Specifically, take a look at the Services and Who We Help areas to learn about the benefits of working with us.

Blog Re-Branded as Crowd Content Resources

With the new roll-out comes a brand new blog, too. We’re calling it Crowd Content Resources. Those of you on our mailing list will recognize the name from our weekly newsletter. The name is now being used to represent our blog, with the newsletter being a product of the blog.

At Crowd Content Resources, we hope to deliver authoritative perspectives on the latest trends in content marketing and online advertising. We’re inviting people from the marketing community to visit the blog and contribute by commenting on posts or submitting guest blog posts.

If you’re interested in writing a guest blog post, please contact clayton.lainsbury at

More Upgrades to Come

As exciting as this latest release is, it’s only the start to a round of major upgrades coming to Crowd Content over the coming weeks.

Our developers are busy coding up a new client interface and a new writing environment. Both are designed to increase content quality, create faster turnaround times, and make using Crowd Content even easier.

Thank You!

Thanks to everyone out there who supports Crowd Content as a client, writer, or friend! We’re setting ourselves up for a big 2013 and we owe much of our success to you.

If you have feedback or find bugs with the new website, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to hear from you!


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Clayton is the Founder and CEO at Crowd Content, a content marketplace for clients and high performance writers. He enjoys writing about marketing ideas and content trends.

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Duane Rackham
Duane Rackham

Hi Clayton

The new website looks great, I love the “who we help” and pricing sections.
Everything is straight forward and takes the hassle out of knowing what I want from crowd content.

Will there be a 5 star pricing option?

Thank you

Earl Dotson
Earl Dotson

Three-and-a-half years later, how do you feel about the site?

Georgia Potts
Georgia Potts

I’d like to know that as well. There have been a lot of changes over the years!

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