How to Effectively Curate Content to Appeal to Search Engines

Using content curation techniques to deliver a valuable experience to readers and accrue long-term SEO karma is the latest trend sweeping the content marketing sphere as of late. The Huffington Post is just one remarkable success story. Below, you’ll find some stellar content curation tips that’ll get you on the right track and improve your SEO all around.

Narrow Your Focus

Obviously, the goal of content curation is to provide a high-quality buffet of the latest and greatest information to a specific subset of readers. Digital communities and online followings tend to be self-selecting, so this shouldn’t be too tough. Just mind your Google Analytics and pay attention to which content offerings score the highest with your audience. Then, tweak your site as needed.

Diversify Content Types

Mixing videos, image galleries and SlideShare presentations into your typical procession of blog posts and full-length articles helps to flesh out your content profile. Even if certain visitors strictly prefer either video or text, everyone will appreciate a wider array of high-quality content. If you’re going to include infographics, ensure that they’re relevant and valuable.

Curate Consistently

Now more than ever, maintaining a non-stop flow of fresh content to your blog or your primary portfolio website is absolutely critical. In the wake of the game-changing Penguin update from Google, the words “recent” and “relevant” are practically synonymous. Updating your curated collections on a daily basis is a shrewd SEO move for content curators looking to make a splash.

Develop a Sharing Ecosystem

Great content that’s curated to appeal to your core demographic can be made even more effective through a concerted social media sharing effort. Passionate users who link back to your website through Twitter, Facebook and Reddit can ultimately explode your traffic if you make sharing simple, intuitive and hassle-free for them.

Utilize the Latest Software

To find the best content, use sites like Alltop, Zite, Feedly and Flipboard. They’ll give you a heads up on the latest news stories and trends that’ll interest your following. For actual content curation,, Bundlr, Pinterest and Storify are excellent platforms that can be used to pull together an eclectic yet harmonious mix of original and shared content.

Rubber, Meet Road

The hardest part of content curation is selecting the right tactics for the job. It’ll take a bit of trial and error with various content curation strategies to perfect your formula. Using Google Alerts to spot trends and guide your curation efforts is never a bad idea. In any event, curation is one long-term trend that’s worth investing in.


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3 Responses to How to Effectively Curate Content to Appeal to Search Engines

  1. Pawan Deshpande says:

    For more of a business-grade content curation platform take a look at

  2. Jessie Zubatkin says:

    Great article – you hit the nail on the head with keeping your content fresh and updated. Especially with the Panda update from google – you can’t go posting anything and everything. I’d like to share an asset with your reading audience that my company produced called The 5 Simple Steps to becoming a Content Curation Rockstar ( ) that dives a little more deeply into some of the topics you’ve shared. Thanks!

  3. Zachari says:

    This is actually what I first started having trouble with. Content. Although I may not have the best writing I have done some tests and found that the writing of your content is also a big factor to getting the ranks you want. But as always content will be king. I find if you have your own business, blog or website that you want to fill out with content seriously think about what you’re writing about, look at others and learn. Brilliant post.